Saturday, 27 September 2014

Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex seems like a small word but the results are drastic and catastrophic. We are all born with same flesh and blood, same emotions and needs…the inequalities and barriers of color, creed, gender and religion are made by human to fulfill his devilish needs.
An inferiority complex means you think yourself to be not worthy in that particular subject or area of your life.You think you are not up to the mark to be compared with others and feel low. At that point your Self Esteem and Self Confidence is low and you make up for feeling inferior in your behavior and life choices. From that point of time either you become compromise the suffering or become antisocial. We have to be strong mentally; unless and until the foundation is weak we can’t rise up from this situation.

Inferiority Complex develops in different stages:

1)      Inferior Feelings imbibed at Childhood
Everyone’s intelligence level might not be the same, everyone’s communication level might differ, everyone can't be fair and everyone can't bear in a rich family. We have to accept
How we are and yes we have the possibility to change that. For instance, in our childhood teachers appreciate some students and scold some according to the situations. But the students at that age are very tender and they keep those things in mind and they get mentally disturbed and each time when they see that particular teacher they tend to get inferiority complex. In many countries children mostly get affected of inferiority complex because of their parents can’t buy good dresses for their children ,don't have good toys compared to their friends as a result in those children that inferiority feeling has been rooted from the childhood as of which after growing old also still they possess that feeling.

William Blake had expressed so beautifully, the hope of a Little Black Boy:
“My mother bore me in the southern wild,
 And I am black, but O! My soul is white;…”

2)      In Adulthood
When we have some objective in life and when we can't achieve that or think it is very far to achieve that then we automatically get that inferiority feeling
 These feelings arise when:

When people around you have more money than you
When people around you are smarter or prettier than you
When you think you are not as talented, knowledgeable or skilled than your colleagues, friends
When you don't have the same level of qualification as people around you have
When your house is small as compared to your friends or colleague
When your juniors know more than you
When people around you wear good dress than you in a party

These are some of the points which you also have noticed in you when you feel inferiority complex.

How can we come out of this Inferior Complex feeling?

1)      Find out the hidden facts
Someone who makes you feel inferior at work may perhaps have their eye on an upcoming promotion by strengthening their own position. They try to achieve this by making you feel inadequate and unsuitable for moving up the career ladder. Look beyond the here and now and try seeing the bigger picture. Awareness of such circumstances may well prepare you to avoid falling prey to the trap of believing that you're not capable.

2)      Aware of the situation and circumstances which you cannot change
People may criticize you on the grounds of color, ethnic background, Sexual orientation, creed over which a person has no control over it.This type of comments may have deep effect on a person’s feelings and emotions. It’s difficult to   change the looks, creed, and color as he has no solution to change it .When this Kind of situations occur focus on your uniqueness and your beliefs.

3)      Open to Criticism
 Building on and improving your weakness is the good option to avoid feeling inferiority complex.
If you improve your weakness it helps to prevent you from getting those feelings rather becoming low and depressed. But some natural things can’t be changed so we have to be mentally strong for that.

Friday, 13 December 2013

What others think of me?

Does this question really have any value in our lives? We most of the time think and do what others like. I have a question in my mind lingering from many days “Are we living this life to please others”? In every aspect we take a decision by keeping other people in our mind whether it is clothes, footwear, even your career. 

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” – By Vernon Howard

This is where many of the challenges start when they think “What others think of me”? When a person thinks “What others think of us” then we are sabotaging our own lives. If we want to live how we want to rather than what others want us to then we have to leave the habit of asking approvals for everything. .
No matter how much we try hard we can’t be liked by everyone, no matter how nice you are still people will be talking on your inappropriate behavior, your dressing style , the way you talk etc. . So how many people will you convince to like you as ho you are?

You have enemies? Good. That means you have stood up for something, sometime in your life.
You are not good or bad if somebody speaks out a statement in the air. While growing up we were told by our parents be nice to everyone and everyone will like you. Is that really happening in our lives? A question to ask yourself. However nice you try to be with people, you will definitely encounter oppositions against you .What does that imply? Are you not good? Not really. If some people don’t like us it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us, for that is not true.

You can’t control what other people think of you, what you can do is just to ask approvals.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The power of Aura

Feelings are nothing but energy which revolves around you. We are surrounded by different kind of feelings. These feelings do not stay inside us like the organs in our body but float around us.  Feelings are very powerful and fill our aura, often make a mark onto other people. This is a true fact which everyone might have observed that, being around angry people can make you feel angry and in the same way staying around a person having a jovial mood can make you feel happy.

There is nothing “Paranormal” in this universe except our limited understanding of Nature. We think we know much but that is just a tiny drop in the ocean. In the past people observed many things and could not explain and declared them miracles. In ancient times people used to see auras around people, the artists used to paint golden haloes around their head. Are they not real? This is not a miracle. I want to explain with an example that aura plays a vital role in influencing other people feelings and emotions.

Children up to 5 years of age can see auras naturally. Infants frequently look above a person’s head if you have observed. They can actually see the aura and come to know that they are having a good or a bad aura. The infants see the color of the aura of a person, if the color don’t match the color of the aura their parents are having then they cry, no matter how much the person is smiling.
When people are angry, why the other person around him/her becomes angry? It is the vibration which influences people. We can make our aura clean and bright by thinking right things. Sounds very illogical right but there are many people if we observe , even when they are angry we don’t get pissed off or become angry , this is because he/she has a good aura that is vibration which makes other people happy . 

I think aura plays a very vital role in your life and in others also with whom you are staying or living with. You can judge a person by the aura whether he/she is thinking something good or bad.  So, knowing your own aura or other people’s aura a difficult task?  Probably yes but not impossible. 


Monday, 28 October 2013

Express right emotions

“Girls express their feelings via tears and boys express it via beers” , well these are not my words mind it .  This statement looks really awkward but it is the live scenario.  People could start a research on this why can’t vice versa happen? Why can’t boys also start expressing their feelings through tears?  I don’t understand whether it is a myth or for the sake of status they don’t express their feelings through tears and take the help of a liquid which just intoxicates and after the effect gets over the same old story.

God gave these emotions not to store for future purpose but to utilize when it is required. When we are in a state of mental pain or have some hurt feeling it is the right moment to cry out and flow your tears out . I think there is no discrimination made by god just by gifting tears only to females. He did justice by giving to both male and female so cry out and express your feelings.  According to the study after crying out 40-50% of the pain which we were witnessing earlier gets decreased and people feel good.

What is the use by showing yourself strong from outside but from inside you are crying out ears each moment. If you cry out at least you will get some sympathy from other people and you will feel somewhat good. We have to use the emotions in the right place and also at right time which helps us to cope with that situation. Especially youth take the company of alcohol if some tragedy happens in life. Is that really needed? 

So just use your emotions to make yourself comfortable and satisfied with your life. Emotions play a vital role in one’s life whether the person is in school, college, a working professional or a retired person. After all are humans and all of them have emotions A small suggestion if you could find the secret of controlling your own emotions then there will be no person happier than you in this whole world and the secret lies in you. So know yourself and explore. It is better to cry than dying every day.

“Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it “ -  William Arthur Ward